What is best for you and your Desiknio? Mahle’s X20 rear hub or the X35 rear hub?

Are you torn between the X35 and the X20 models? Wondering what is the biggest difference? Why do so many people prefer the X20? Hopefully we can shed some light on this..

1. What is Mahle’s rear hub motor? 

Within the realm of Desiknio e-bikes, a rear hub denotes a sophisticated motor system intricately integrated onto the hub of the rear wheel. This cutting-edge system seamlessly channels electric power directly to the wheel, offering a nuanced and responsive motor assistance that operates independently of the rider’s pedaling cadence. This configuration not only enhances the overall efficiency of the e-bike but also ensures a smooth and dynamic riding experience, aligning with Desiknio’s commitment to innovative and high-performance electric bicycles.


2.What makes the X20 different to the X35?

The main difference between the X20 and the X35 is the torque. The X20 offers more torque and a higher power delivery system. This makes it perfect for more of the lighter urban commuters, or the track gravel bikes that require a bit more torque to get themselves going. 

What does this mean for the X35?

The X35 is still a fantastic hub not to be underestimated. With a slightly lower torque it can allow for a smoother experience setting off, with a more gradual power delivery. This is a perfect system for the Comfort frame ebikes, as well as for the larger frame ebikes. The X35 pairs well with the 11s gears and even works great with the Single Speed system. 

Selecting the right category of ebike is ultimately up to you, Whether you want something a bit higher torque, something a little more lightweight, or if you are more for comfort and for the casual rides. Price can play a factor in this as well. 

At Desiknio we would recommend you visit your nearest dealer, and book a test ride. You’ll know what is right for you when you’re experiencing it. Press the button below and get booked in today.

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