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X20 Pinion Smart.Shift


The best of 3 worlds

In collaboration with Mahle and Desiknio, we are taking the Pinion Smart.Shift System to the next level. Electrically controlled Pinion Smart.Shift technology seamlessly integrated into the lightweight and intelligent Mahle X20 drive system.

 This unique light E-Bike combines an almost maintenance-free Pinion gearbox, a carbon belt drive, and the Mahle X20 rear hub motor.

Advancing to the next level

Pinion Smart.Shift combines the reliable and nearly maintenance-free Pinion gearbox technology with the advantages of an electric shifting system. Shifting is activated at the press of a button—swift, ergonomic, and intuitive. The system shifts seamlessly during the ride, at a standstill, and under load!

Further functions are equally intelligent: Start.Select allows pre-selection of the starting gear, automatically engaged upon stopping. Pre.Select ensures automatic shifting when not pedaling. The Smart.Shift app consolidates all information and allows extensive customization of functions according to your preferences.

X20 Pinion Smart.Shift Features

Desiknio X20 Pinion Smart.Shift, front

Supernova V521 front light with 100 lux

Crafted from 100% hydroformed aluminum, the frame enhances stability for an optimal riding experience.

The x20 (iX250) battery and charging connector are seamlessly integrated within the main tube and bridge of the frame, hidden from view.

Hydraulic disc brakes with a diameter of 160 mm. For safety and control.

Innovative Pinion Smart.Shift Gearbox. Made for E-shifting on the next level.

Desiknio X20 Pinion Smart.Shift, back

The Brooks saddle epitomizes quality, conforming perfectly to your shape after a brief period of use.

The Mahle X20 Hub Motor (1.3 Kg) features the AMC system (Automatic Motor Connection), which eliminates motor cables and enables precise wheel positioning.

Schwalbe G-One Allround tires are designed for both streets and gravel terrain.

The First of its class

The pinion transmission technology in our X20 pinion bike draws from proven automotive technology. It operates on the basis of a spur gear with two partial transmissions connected sequentially. The e-bike’s individual gears are derived from the combination of these two sub-transmissions with their respective wheel pairs.

mahle X20 System

With the IWOC® ONE integrated controller, managing your e-bike’s features is effortless. Beyond adjusting power assistance levels, you can seamlessly engage Bluetooth connectivity – all at your fingertips. Enjoy enhanced connectivity and safety with this intuitive control hub.

accessories designed to enhance your ride

  • Mahle X20 Range Extender: Extend your range and conquer longer journeys with this additional battery, ensuring you never run out of power during your adventures.
  • PulsarONE Display: Stay informed and in control with this clear and intuitive display unit, providing you with essential information about your ride at a glance.
  • Tubus Fly Rack: Effortlessly carry your essentials with this sleek and sturdy rack, designed to seamlessly integrate with your X20 Smart.Shift e-bike and enhance your overall riding experience with added convenience.

These accessories are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with your X20 Smart.Shift e-bike, enhancing your comfort, convenience, and overall riding experience.

engineered in spain
made in europe

Since its establishment in 2015, Desiknio has been dedicated to design and innovation. Our e-bikes are meticulously crafted with extreme attention to detail in Granada. This vibrant city serves as the birthplace of Desiknio’s creativity, where the magic is nurtured and the future is envisioned.

Technical Data

6061 Aluminium – T6 Heat Treated
CNC Parts
Custom Shaped Tubes
Internal Hose Routing
Handcrafted TIG Double Smooth Welding
Polished by Hand


Monocoque Full Carbon Fiber
Carbon 1.5′ Tapered Steerer Tube
Internal Hose Routing
15mm Thru Axle
Fender and Light Mounts


Pinion C1.9 i Smart Shift CDX Gates Belt 46/30


Pinion C1.9 Smart Shift CDX Gearbox


Hydr. Disc Brakes, 160 mm, Schimano | TRP


CNC Aluminium
Semi Matt Black Anodized


Desiknio Semi Matt Black Anodized Aluminium


Brooks C17 Carved


Ergon GA30


15 kg

Motor type

MAHLE X20 Hub Motor

Motor power

250 W
55 Nm of Torque

Battery type

MAHLE iX250 Inner Battery
Panasonic 18650GA – 10S/2P

Battery capacity

250 Wh
*optional Range Extender MAHLE e185 | 171 Wh | max. 50 km extra

Battery voltage

36 V

Battery charging time

2 – 3 hours

Minimum range (high power / hilly terrain)

< 50 Km

Maximum Range (low power / flat terrain)

> 100 Km

Maximum speed (assisted power)

25 Km/h


Schwalbe G-One ALLROUND 40-622


Front: Supernova V521s, 100 lx
Back: Supernova E3

Size Options
Recommended height
*This information is just a basic guidance.
165 cm 185 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 595 mm 780 mm
Handlebar distance (from saddle) 640 mm (70 mm stem) 660 mm (90 mm stem)
Toptube height 790 mm -
Handlebar width - 660 mm
L Size Min Max
Recommended height
*This information is just a basic guidance.
180 cm 195 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 615 mm 800 mm
Toptube height 810 mm -
Handlebar width - 660 mm
Recommended height
*This information is just a basic guidance.
165 cm 185 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 595 mm 780 mm
Toptube height 790 mm -
Handlebar width - 660 mm

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