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Price  5,495

X35 Classic

X35 Features

Desiknio X35 Pinion Classic Comfort Champagne Front

Silver polished Supernova V521 front light with 100 lux

The frame is crafted from 100% hydroformed aluminum, enhancing its stability.

Integrated MAHLE X250 Battery. Providing a range of 50 - 100km.

Hydraulic disc brakes with a diameter of 160 mm ensure safety and control.

Schwalbe G-One Allround tires, designed for both streets and gravel terrain.

Desiknio X35 Pinion Classic Tenerife Stone back

The classy leather Brooks saddle represents quality, conforming perfectly after a brief period of use.

Sturdy mudguards, seamlessly integrated into the design, effectively serve their purpose.

The Mahle X35 Hub Motor offers ideal support for urban environments, delivering a sensation akin to a gentle tailwind.

pinion transmission

The pinion transmission technology of our X35 pinion bike is rooted in proven automotive technology. Operating on a spur gear system with two sequential partial transmissions, the e-bike’s individual gears are a result of combining these two sub-transmissions, each with its own set of wheel pairs.

mahle X35 Hub Motor System

With a simple press of the IWOC® ONE integrated controller, riders can effortlessly adjust the e-bike’s power assistance level and activate Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the integrated front and rear Super-Nova light system.

accessories to enhance your ride

  • Mahle X35 Range Extender: Extend your range and tackle longer journeys with ease using this supplementary battery.
  • PulsarONE Display: Stay informed and maintain control with this user-friendly and clear display unit.
  • Tubus Fly Rack: Effortlessly carry your essentials with this sleek and robust rack.

These accessories seamlessly integrate with your X35 Classic e-bike, enhancing your comfort, convenience, and overall riding experience.


All non-Gravel models of Desiknio urban e-bikes are offered in either Standard or Comfort frame geometries. The Standard frame features a classic diamond shape with a high top tube, while the Comfort frame offers a low-slung top-tube option. Regardless of the model chosen from our X35 pinion gearbox bikes lineup, you’ll enjoy a stylish battery-powered bicycle designed to stand out from the crowd with its cutting-edge e-bike design.


Technical Data

6061 Aluminium – T6 Heat Treated
CNC Parts
Custom Shaped Tubes
Internal Hose Routing
Handcrafted TIG Double Smooth Welding
Polished by Hand


Hydroformed Aluminium
Aluminium 1.5′ Tapered Steerer Tube
Internal Hose Routing
15mm Thru Axle
Fender and Light Mounts

Drivetrain & Gears

X35 Pinion
Gates Carbon Drive™ CDX Belt

  • 6 Speed: Pinion C1.6 | 6-Speed | Gear Range 295 %
  • 9 Speed: Pinion C1.9 | 9-Speed | Gear Range 568 %

Shimano MT201 Hydraulic Brakes – UR300 Flat Mount Calipers
160mm Shimano Front Rotor | 160mm Shimano Rear Rotor


CNC Aluminium
Black Anodized


Desiknio Classic Silver Polished


Desiknio Classic Silver Polished


Deskinio Leather Grips, Brown


Brooks B17, Imperial Brown


14,8 Kg / 15,6 Kg (with fenders, rack and lights)

Motor type

MAHLE X35 Hub Motor
Geared and Freewheel

Motor power

250 W

Battery type

MAHLE ebikemotion® Inner Battery
Panasonic 18650GA – 10S/2P

Battery capacity

250 Wh
*up to 500Wh with the optional Water Bottle Battery
7 Ah
*up to 14Ah

Battery voltage

36 V

Battery charging time

2 – 3 hours

Minimum range (high power / hilly terrain)

< 50 Km

Maximum Range (low power / flat terrain)

> 100 Km

Maximum speed (assisted power)

25 Km/h

Size Options
XL Size Min Max
Recommended height
*This information is just a basic guidance.
190 cm 205 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 645 cm 830 cm
Toptube height 835 com -
Handlebar width - 660 cm
L Size Min Max
Recommended height
*This information is just a basic guidance.
180 cm 195 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 615 mm 800 mm
Toptube height 810 mm -
Handlebar width - 660 mm
Recommended height
*This information is just a basic guidance.
165 cm 185 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 595 mm 780 mm
Handlebar distance (from saddle) 640 mm (70 mm stem) 660 mm (90 mm stem)
Toptube height 790 mm -
Handlebar width - 660 mm
Recommended height *This information is just a basic guidance. 155 cm 175 cm
Saddle height (from bottom bracket) 565 mm 750 mm
Handlebar distance (from saddle) - 615 mm (70 mm stem)
Toptube height 620 mm -
Handlebar width - 660 mm

engineered in spain
made in europe

Since its establishment in 2015, Desiknio has maintained a steadfast focus on design and innovation. Our e-bikes are meticulously crafted with attention to detail in Granada. This city serves as the hub where the magic of Desiknio unfolds and where the future is envisioned.

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X35 Classic

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