Desiknio open e-bike POP-UP Store in Berlin with dealer Auftragsrad

Desiknio open e-bike POP-UP Store in Berlin with dealer Auftragsrad


In the heart of Berlin, a city known for its vibrant culture and progressive approach to urban living, a two-wheeled revolution is quietly gaining momentum. Desiknio Cycles, the Spanish-born brand that has been making waves in the world of urban cycling, recently set up shop in the German capital, and it’s all thanks to their esteemed dealer, ‘Auftragsrad’.

Desiknio Cycles has been at the forefront of redefining urban mobility since its inception. Founded on the principles of sustainability, innovation, and a deep passion for cycling, this brand has been challenging the status quo in the bicycle industry. Their commitment to designing high-performance, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly bicycles has garnered them a dedicated global following

Auftragsrad, Desiknio’s trusted dealer in Berlin, has played a pivotal role in bringing the brand’s ethos and products to the German market. Known for their expertise in urban cycling, Auftragsrad shares Desiknio’s passion for sustainable transportation solutions that enhance the urban living experience. They’ve been on a mission to make the streets of Berlin greener, cleaner, and more bike-friendly.

The recent collaboration between Desiknio Cycles and Auftragsrad culminated in an exciting pop-up store right in the heart of Berlin. Nestled in a trendy district, this temporary haven for cyclists and enthusiasts alike has been making waves in the city’s urban cycling scene.

What can you expect when you step inside this cycling oasis? Desiknio’s stunning lineup of urban bicycles, all carefully crafted to cater to the discerning urban commuter. From sleek and lightweight e-bikes to classic and stylish city cruisers, there’s something for everyone.

But Desiknio is about more than just bikes – it’s about a lifestyle. At the Berlin pop-up, visitors can immerse themselves in the Desiknio world, where sustainability meets cutting-edge technology. The store showcases not only their state-of-the-art bicycles but also a range of accessories and gear designed to elevate your cycling experience.

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Ready to experience the future of urban cycling firsthand? Don’t miss your chance to book a test ride at the Desiknio Cycles pop-up store in Berlin.
The store is open for test rides until the 31th October.

Auftragsrad Desiknio Pop-Up Store, Friedrichstraße 40, 10969 Berlin
+49(0)30 5490 596 92

 Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a curious newcomer, there’s no better way to feel the thrill of these exceptional bikes than by taking one for a spin.

Simply click here to schedule your test ride appointment. The Desiknio team and Auftragsrad are eager to welcome you to the world of Desiknio Cycles, where sustainability, style, and innovation come together for the ultimate urban cycling experience.

Join the urban cycling revolution and make your appointment today. Discover how Desiknio Cycles and Auftragsrad are changing the way we move through our cities, one pedal at a time.


Eurobike 2023

Eurobike 2023


Eurobike 2023 was a huge success with lots of amazing bikes and technologies on display. 

At the Desiknio stand, we were able to show off and unveil our SmartShift bike to the public, giving a first glimpse into the future of the Desiknio Range. 

The Desiknio X20 Pinion Smart.Shift is equipped with a 250W hub motor, an integrated battery of 240Wh, and a central gearbox, weighing less than 15kg.

Combined with the comfort and style of our classic yet simplistic bikes, its our most balanced yet intricate combination yet.

Now that we are getting the X20 Gravel out to dealers, those who have pre-ordered were given the time to test the bike, and so far we’ve had outstanding feedback. Performance, Riding Feel, Colour and looks are just a few of the key points we’ve impressed with so far. 

With a larger range of colours coming to the Gravel Bike, its only going to get better and better. If you want to test ride one of our X20 Gravel bikes, contact your local dealer and make an enquiry. 

With a new and more intricate perspective on the finish quality of our bikes, we’ve reviewed our manufacturing process. Using new methods of welding to create a seamless and flawless frame, takes our premium feel one step further. 

Quality and Styling, the new range of bikes coming are a step above the rest, Utilising new colours and methods of painting the bikes for a higher gloss finish, smoother and flawless seams topped off with the highest quality painting process. 

With plenty more events left in 2023, and lots more surprises up our sleeves, Keep your eyes on social media to see where we will be next. 

If you have ordered a Desiknio, or you are thinking about ordering an ebike then stop by one of our stands at the next show near you, find out more about us the beautiful machines we call our own. You’ll struggle walking away without a Desiknio ebike with your name on it. 


Something revolutionary is coming…

’Something is coming…are you ready for a next level shift in e-Light bike technology?

E-bike technology is rapidly advancing, and Desiknio are on the forefront of innovation. Partnering with Mahle SmartbikeSystems & Pinion, The next step in e-bike technology is on its way…

Are you ready to see?


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