Karl Magazine Review – X20 Pinion and X20 E-Gravel


“The Desiknio X20 Pinion is an elegant urban e-bike with the Mahle X20 drive system and the robust Pinion C 1.9 XR gearbox. It weighs only around 12 kg.”

The article originaly posted by Karl magazine in November 2022 describes the new X20 models from Desiknio, which are equipped with the new Mahle X20 Smart Bike System.

It also offers a deep dive into the spec of the bike and the Mahle System, covering the 250 Wh battery hidden in the frame downtube and the 80 km range it provides.

They also describe the usability of the MySmartBike app that allows the system to be individually adjusted, and the additional functions such as navigation, motor data or speedometer functions can be accessed. 

To read more please visit the original article below,

Original Article : https://www.bike-x.de/alle-radarten/urban-bike/neue-e-bikes-desiknio-x20-pinion-und-x20-e-gravel/


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